Is The iPhone You Bought Really New? Know Facts in 2023

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Is your iPhone New?

The iPhone you are using is really new? what is the reality behind this? Let’s know the fact about it in this session.

After the ban imposed by the government on the import of expensive phones, iPhone 14 series smartphones have started entering Nepal. The phone, which was used by users from other countries four months ago, has just started entering legally in Nepal.

If you have been waiting for iPhone 14 for a long time and have recently purchased the phone, it is appropriate to know whether this phone is new or not. After buying a new iPhone, have you ever checked the history of that phone? Maybe the iPhone you purchased was repaired and sold as new (or refurbished)?

How to know if the iPhone you are using is new?

You can easily determine whether the iPhone you bought is new or refurbished. For that first check the model number of your iPhone. Go to ‘About’ under ‘General’ in Settings.

Iphone reality about new and old

You can see the software version, device name, serial number, model name, and model number of your iPhone in ‘About’. The model number determines what type of iPhone you have.


If your model number starts with M, it means that the iPhone is new. Similarly, if it starts with F, it means that the iPhone you bought is refurbished. If the model number starts with P, it is a personalized iPhone.

If it starts with N, your iPhone is an iPhone sold as a replacement for a damaged/defective iPhone.

A refurbished iPhone works just as well as a new one. Apple repairs its certified refurbished products as needed and makes them like new.


Although these refurbished iPhones look new and work like new, Apple cannot sell such phones as new. So Apple usually sells these refurbished iPhone products at a special discount.

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